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My fence is not the same size as your panels. What should I do?
Our panels are sized for four, six and eight foot fence panels. However, unless you are building a new fence when you can set the posts at the required distance apart, you will probably need to adjust the width of the panels. This involves cutting either the length or width to fit, or adding spacers. For more information, download our “Lattice Ordering and Installation Guide”.

Can I paint my lattice?
Yes, LatticeStix products can be finished just as any wood product intended for exterior use.

How do I attach my lattice?
Typically, panels are attached with screws to the lattice frame or fence. Because cedar is corrosive, it is important to use stainless steel or other corrosive resistant fasteners.

What’s the difference between stapled lathe lattice and LatticeStix lattice?
Stapled lathe lattice is typically rough-cut, lower grade 3/16 lathe that is stapled together in squares or diamonds. Our lattice is ¾ to ½ inch clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar that is assembled with furniture quality joints and glue. This allows us to create intricate designs, that are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime, without sagging, bowing, or falling apart. Stapled lathe typically has a rough, rustic look, while our products are more suitable for refined applications.

Does your lattice have nails?
Our products do not use mechanical fasteners. They are joined together with dowels or lap joints, using waterproof glue. Our products will never show unsightly brown spots from rusting nails.

Do you sell full fences?
Our focus is exclusively on lattice. This allows our clients to insert our unique lattice into commonly available fence panels, thereby saving money, yet creating a very special fence. If you would like complete fence panels contact our sales department for a custom quotation.

Can I use my lattice inside?
Yes. Our panels can be used for inside screens, window shades, or simply hung on the wall!

Will LatticeStix products built with Western Red Cedar match my Redwood, White Cedar, or Cyprus fence?
If left unfinished, all of these woods will weather to grey or dark brown. If you would like a consistent look, then it is best to use Western Red Cedar for the entire fence, however, mixing woods such as redwood, still create an interesting effect.

Can my local carpenter build the lattice according to your designs?
All of our designs are protected by copyright law.

Where do you build your products?
All of our products are designed and manufactured in North America. We believe that by staying close to our customer base, we can be more responsive and environmentally friendly.

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